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σύρετε και αποθέστε τις φωτογραφίες, ή κάντε κλικ στις φωτό που είναι πιο χαμηλά στη στοίβα για να τις φέρετε μπροστά



Djimmah: Coffee is said to have gotten its name from Ethiopian region of Kaffa, where this coffee is produced. The production area is located in the southwestern Ethiopia. The bulk of Ethiopia's natural coffee exports come from Djimmah. Often used in blends, it commands a premium over other African unwashed Arabicas due to its clean cup and good flavor. The bulk of Djimmah coffee comes from the Illubabor region which has an altitude of 1750 to 2000m.

Altitude: 1650-2000m (5410-6550ft) - Cup: Light acidity, full bodied with a fruity straw flavor.


Yirgachefe: Considered the finest of all coffees grown in the Horn Africa, the most prevalent taste characteristic is lemon, which gives a distinct tart bite combined with a rich, floral finish.

Altitude: 1770-2200m (5790-7210ft) - Cup: Bright acidity, medium body, marked Jasmine and lemon flavors.

Sidamo: Popular among the specialty trade, the beans are processed by either dry or wet methods. The beans produce flavor notes with a spicy character and round, balanced acidity in the cup.

Altitude: 1550-2200m (5080-7210ft) - Cup: Bright acidity, medium body with spicy and citrus flavors.

Limu: Characterized by its winy aftertaste, this washed coffee delivers a vibrant, balanced cup with sharp acidity and a classic balanced taste.

Altitude: 1400-2100m (4590-6880ft) - Cup: A well balanced cup. Medium acidity and body with a distinct winy flavor.

Teppi/Bebeka: Used in blends, this coffee contributes to a good balanced cup and enhances the wild characteristics of Ethiopian coffees.

Altitude: Teppi 1100-1900m (3600ft-6200ft), Bebeka 950-1285m (3110-4210ft)

Cup: Teppi - Low to medium acidity, well rounded with a smooth aftertaste. Bebeka - Light acidity, medium to good body, with a light citrus flavor.

Lekempti: Typically used in blends, this coffee is characterized by a fruity flavor and bright acidity. Beans are processed by both the dry and wet methods.

Altitude: 1700-2200m (5570-7210ft) - Cup: Good acidity, medium body with a wild fruity finish.